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Texas Expunctions / Record Sealing


In certain cases under Texas law, an Expunction of your criminal records will be allowed. Expungement means that your records will no longer be accessible and will, in effect, be erased. Eligibility requirements are listed under Chapter 55 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. These cases include a criminal arrest that did not result in a conviction or that resulted in a dismissal. It also includes cases in which you were arrested, but no charge was filed or which was later dismissed.

Those placed on deferred adjudication for a Class C Misdemeanor who successfully complete their term of supervision may also be eligible for an Expunction of their records.


The legal process for a record expungement involves a Petition for Expunction which will list all of the law enforcement agencies who have knowledge of the arrest/offense and whom you want to inform of an Expunction as well as certain information needed under Chapter 55. Once you successfully obtain an Expunction, these agencies cannot release, disseminate, or use the expunged records, and you can deny your expunged criminal history in most cases.

The Downey Law Firm has a strong track record of success in Expunctions. With a growing reliance on criminal background checks by employers, educational institutions, professional licensing agencies, landlords, and more, expunging or sealing your criminal record is more important than ever. To discuss the specifics of your case and eligibility, we recommend that you contact our firm to arrange for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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