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Texas Record Expungement Attorney

Want to expunge your Texas criminal record?

Criminal court records are public records in Texas. That means that in today's high-tech world, anyone can have access to your Texas criminal record by simply running a routine background check on you. This has become a common practice by employers in job applications. Your criminal records can also be accessed by future landlords, state and federal professional licensing agencies, educational institutions, and anyone else seeking information about you. All of this can negatively impact your future, limiting career and other opportunities.

Getting a clean record, therefore, can vastly improve your life and your future. Texas law provides several remedies for clearing your record. The legal process can be complex with specific eligibility requirements. It consists of petitioning the court in a civil action to have your records "expunged" or otherwise sealed. That means that a judge will have to make this decision based on your petition. To ensure that the process is handled in the most effective manner and to increase your chances for success, it is recommended that you enlist the services of an attorney who concentrates on this legal action.

Track Record of Success

The Downey Law Firm provides experienced and capable legal representation in record expungements. Besides having a Board-Certified Criminal Law Specialist on the legal team, we have an attorney who has a 100 percent track record of success in this field. Texas record expungement attorney Kelley L. Andrews is responsible for handling both expunctions and orders of non-disclosure at the firm. At a time when applying for a job or college almost always results in a background check, both of these remedies are crucial to a successful future. Our firm is proud to be able to claim that Ms. Andrews has won all of her lawsuits for expunctions and has had all of her petitions for non-disclosure granted.

If you are looking to clear your record, we recommend that you contact our firm to arrange to speak with our Texas record expungements lawyer about your case as soon as possible. Ensure that your record expungement is handled thoroughly, properly, and efficiently so that you can move on with your life in confidence.

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